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What is a bone conduction earphone?

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Bone conduction is a sound conduction is voice conversion for different frequencies of mechanical vibration, through the skull and bone lost, inner ear lymph transfer, spiral, listen to auditory nerve and central to transmit sound waves. With respect to the through diaphragm produce sound waves of the classic sound conduction, bone conduction save the many acoustic transfer steps, in a noisy environment to achieve clear sound reduction, and that the sound waves are also not because in the air diffusion and the influence to others. Bone conduction technology is divided into bone conduction speaker technology and bone conduction microphone technology:

(1) the bone conduction speaker technology is used to be subject to the sound of the hearing. The air conduction loudspeaker is the electrical signal into sound waves (vibration signal) to the auditory nerve. The bone conduction loudspeaker is acoustic signal conversion (vibration) directly through the bone to the auditory nerve. The transmission medium of sound wave (vibration signal) is different.

(2) the bone conduction microphone technology for microphone, microphone or sound collection. The gas guide waves through the air to the microphone is a microphone, microphone and bone conduction is directly passed through the bone. Using the bone conduction technology manufacturing headphone, called bone conduction headphones, also known as bone conduction headset, skinny headphones, bone passed headphones, and a bone sensing headphones.