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Reflying teach you how to quickly pick Bluetooth headset

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Bluetooth headset is not a big piece of goods, but if the purchase of a poor quality of the Bluetooth headset is also a great impact on the mood, then, in the end how we choose a suitable for their Bluetooth headset? In the choice of the time to pay attention to what matters?

On the market of the Bluetooth headset more and more, although not large items, but if buy inferior Bluetooth headset is also greatly affect the mood. So, how do we choose a suitable for their own Bluetooth headset? In the choice of the time to pay attention to what matters?

1, I bought a Bluetooth headset is to do?

Call: This is the main purpose of business office, safe driving, if the main selection of some light, easy to carry, call HD, transmission stable single ear Bluetooth headset.

Music: This is the vast majority of people buy Bluetooth headset reasons, if it is to use music, the best of binaural Bluetooth, because single ear Bluetooth is unable to meet the demands of the stereo, if the music is definitely the best stereo effect. To see the acoustic ear (such as Bluetooth headset speakers in the number of moving coil size, diaphragm size, professional debugging results).

Movement: the main purpose of the motion to music is Bluetooth headset, generally need to choose lightweight, wearing the right, is not easy to drop off Bluetooth headset, monaural binaural can, if binaural ear, should pay attention to the thickness of the line, line thicker, auscultation effect is strong, but if the cable clip words can reduce the auscultation effect.

Play games, watch TV, play games and watching television, generally need to choose strong compatibility, good transmission effect and wearing a blue tooth earphone, because wearing the sound quality effect is good, sound field is strong, can have a better picture of the sense of humor.

2, my ears used to wear what kind of headphones?

Wearing experience is mainly decided by the match of headphones, ear cap, weight, degree of tightness of, but according to the different personal subjective feelings, differ.

If you really care about the people wearing comfort, it is recommended to go to the store to wear experience after the purchase.

3, be sure to choose the 4.1 version of the Bluetooth headset?

The transmission effect of the headset is mainly determined by the headset chip, the Bluetooth chip version available on the market there are 3, 4, three versions, in fact, each version has its own characteristics.

Bluetooth 3 has been in existence for a long time, Bluetooth communication transmission effect is the most stable, is also the reason why there is still 3, it is the disadvantage of relatively low function, high power consumption, low transmission rate.

Bluetooth 4.0 transmission rate is more high, far transmission distance, lower power consumption, wireless coverage enhancement can connect directly, without input password, but also can realize the automatic back even, intelligent Yituo two functions, and a compatible with today's digital equipment.

Bluetooth 4 is an upgraded version of the Bluetooth 4.1, on the basis of 4 to achieve a more high-definition, higher rate of call effect, with more flexibility, but sometimes 4.1 of the compatibility is not stable, this should pay attention to.

4, the headset battery life time is how long?

Battery life determines how long your Bluetooth headset can be used, and is divided into the use of time and standby time. And determine the life time of the headset with the fact that the quality of the battery as well as the volume of headphones are related.

Most of the Bluetooth headset is mainly based on polymer lithium battery, because of its small size, powerful, long life, the life is also high.

Headphone volume determines the size of the battery hardware assembly, which determines the length of life, so the larger the average headset, the larger the battery, the battery life will be longer.