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How to maintain the Bluetooth headset

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As with other electrical appliances, Bluetooth headset is also a need for maintenance, and maintenance of a good time we use a long time, not good, then the Bluetooth headset will greatly shorten the life, no matter what is the case. Magic wave, Jabra, helter skelter Deli Bluetooth headphones although is liquid silicone, a good maintenance, but some details still have to pay attention to.

The first is to our Bluetooth headset in the pocket, the power button to shut off, it doesn't like our cell phones that can lock screen, if you don't turn off the words in your pocket may according to the other key.

Do not put in a wet place, a long time inside the circuit board is easy to loosen the aging, resulting in the Bluetooth headset is not good contact, affect our call.

Can not use a strong solubility of the liquid to wipe the Bluetooth headset, easy to get the shell of Bluetooth headset.

There is Bluetooth headset storage temperature is not too high or too low, otherwise will seriously reduce the service life of the earphone, Bluetooth headset storage temperature in ten degrees below zero or zero about 60 degrees do not exceed the temperature values.

Do not touch the arrival of Bluetooth headset, there is a risk of explosion.

Do not allow the headset to touch sharp things, will cause varying degrees of damage.

Do not remove the headset, do not put in a strong light or dust and more places.

If the long time does not need to be placed in a dry place, more than a month to charge the Bluetooth headset in time, so as to ensure the normal use of Bluetooth headset, and battery life.