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Development trend of Bluetooth headset Technology

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Since the Bluetooth technology was put forward in 1998, the development of Bluetooth technology is very rapid. Bluetooth Bluetooth as a

New short-range wireless communication technology standards, more and more industry and research institutions in the world, more and more manufacturers and research institutions of wide concern. Founded the world Bluetooth Bluetooth SIG and the open technical standards strategy to promote the Bluetooth technology, has developed become a considerable industry high technology organization for standardization, global support Bluetooth technology more than 2000 equipment makers have become its member, an open, global unified technical specification has been such a wide range of industry attention and support in the past is rare.

In recent years, some of the world's authoritative standardization organizations are concerned about the development and development of Bluetooth technology standards. For example, IEEE's standardization bodies, also has set up a working group of 802.15, specializing in the development of Bluetooth technology standards and other issues related to the future and other issues. IEEE 802.15.1 TG1 is to discuss the establishment of consistent with Bluetooth version 1.0 standard, IEEE 802.15.2 TG2 is to explore how Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11b wireless LAN technology coexist; and the IEEE 802.15.3 TG3 is future Bluetooth technology to the higher rate, such as 10-20Mbits / s, and the development of the research. Some domestic manufacturers and research departments are also ready to start the development of Bluetooth technology products.

Bluetooth is replaced data cable short-range wireless communications technology, can support the communication between the object and the object, working frequency is an open global 2.4GHz band can be simultaneous data and voice transmission, the transmission rate can be up to 10MB / s that in the range of all kinds of information equipment can realize the sharing of resources seamless.

The application of Bluetooth technology is considered to be very broad and potential. It can be applied to wireless devices, such as PDA, mobile phones, smart phones, cordless phones, image processing (camera, printer, scanner, equipment, security products (smart cards, identification, bill management, security check), entertainment (headset, MP3, games) and automotive products (GPS, ABS, power system airbags), household appliances (television, refrigerator, electric ovens, microwave ovens, audio and video recorders) body-building and health, construction, toys etc. field. Bluetooth industry is pleased with the continued growth of the market, and now no one questioned its vitality.